Integration into Ant builds (build.xml)

Integration into Ant builds (build.xml)#

A sample ant build file can be downloaded here.

The steps for integrating Lattix LDC into Ant are described below.

  1. Create an environment variable in your system’s environment called LATTIX_HOME that points to the topmost directory where Lattix LDM is installed. For instance, if you installed Lattix LDM in c:Program FilesLattix, then the environment variable would be:

    LATTIX_HOME=c:/Program Files/Lattix

  2. Ensure that your build.xml loads the system’s environment variables.

    <!– Load environment variables –>
    <property environment=”env”/>

    This fragment loads all environment variables as Ant properties.

  3. Take the targets shown below, copy and paste them into your build.xml, and update the places where the input files for your application are specified. They are indicated in the example below with the text as ${my.ldmfile} and ${}.