Lattix Architect User Guide

Lattix Architect User Guide#

Lattix provides a number of programs:

  • Lattix Architect:

    Graphical User interface to the Lattix program. Use this to visually create and manage projects.

  • Lattix Web:

    You can publish Lattix Architect projects for browser access by populating a repository using Lattix Architect and LDC. The repository includes a web server and application that then allows you to use your browser to display trends as well as data about individual snapshots.

  • Automate (Command Line Applications/LDC):

    Use these utilities to create and update projects and to generate reports. They are also useful for automating architecture conformance verification and for publishing the results to the repository.

  • API and Scripts:

    You can also extend Lattix Architect using the API and Scripts. Check the Script Catalog to see the scripts that are currently available.

You can integrate Lattix Architect into Eclipse and Visual Studio.

Lattix Architect supports a number of languages, databases and frameworks. Each of these is a module. The Module Guide describes each of the modules.