Release 12#

Lattix Release 12.4 (March 30, 2021)#


  • Support Consumer/Provider headers in Excel projects

  • Added different set operations for Compound Tag

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed NullPointerException in Oracle Pro*C Analyzer

  • Fixed NullPointerException in project delta calculations after project update

  • Fixed bug in snapshot sorting in Lattix Web in which large numbers were not supported

Lattix Release 12.3 (February 26, 2021)#


  • Updated with new logo

  • Improved Axivion module to produce better data

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed hang in Lattix Web Issues view

  • Fixed bug with incorrect dependency strengths in Lattix Web DSM for certain models

  • Fixed crash in .NET plugin when running on a machine that does not have Visual Studio

  • Lattix Web should now return bad status code if unable to download requested snapshot file via ldcget

Lattix Release 12.2 (December 21, 2020)#


  • Support for Understand 6.x

  • Added ability to create tags that consist of other tags

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in python processing

  • Updated Apache Tomcat to fix security vulnerability

  • Fixed bug in Compound Project update.

  • Fixed hierarchy bug in loading EA models

  • Fixed occasional NullPointerException in ldcupdate command line

  • Fixed bug in Clang module in which some header flies were not set up for proper handling of external dependencies

Lattix Release 12.1.5 (November 25, 2020)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web dropdown menus that were hidden

  • Fixed bug in setting default thresholds in new project

  • Fixed bug in image export

  • Fixed bug in saving/loading settings in tag filter

  • Fixed bug in which heatmap grid was not being displayed

  • Fixed bug in which external Ruby dependencies where being treated as internal

  • Fixed bug in partitioning algorithm that broke some models

  • Fixed bug in which project update caused the DSM expansion to be lost

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web that was preventing issue generation from working

Lattix Release 12.1.4 (October 16, 2020)#


  • Updated Java plugin for Java 15 support

  • DSM image export now includes tag match count

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed metric thresholds of 100%

  • Fixed loading of compile_commands.json directly from Clang plugin

  • Fixed Dependency relationships in XMI - MagicDraw module

Lattix Release 12.1.3 (September 25, 2020)#


  • Added better API for loading partition properties/heatmap metrics

  • lxbuild can now be used to merge buildspec.xml files

  • lxbuild can now convert multiple complie_commands.json to buildspec.xml

  • lxbuild now has better support for compile_commands.json file

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in lxbuild that caused problems with command line arguments to build command

  • Fixed bug Lattix Web in which long project names were displayed incorrectly

Lattix Release 12.1.2 (September 11, 2020)#


  • Added REST API for Lattix Web to add/update/delete users

  • Dependency is now created when Java annotations have class parameters.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in Compound Project that prevented partitioning from being loaded from Lattix project files

  • Fixed bug in lxbuild that caused empty buildspec in some cases

Lattix Release 12.1.1 (August 28, 2020)#


  • Added ability to delete multiple Lattix Web snapshots from Architect

  • Added option to export PNG/JPEG image of DSM from ldcreport

  • Tags are now sorted alphabetically in Architect

  • Changed scripts so that custom menu is named “Testing” instead of “Cantata”

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug with JSON export from ldcreport producing invalid JSON

  • Fixed FileRootsMap class to support case-insensitive filename matching (for metric/heatmap import scripts)

  • Fixed “Find” so that you can always create new tags

  • Fixed “NullPointerException” when updating empty project with clang module

  • Fixed upload repository snapshot from Architect to indicate active workspace

Lattix Release 12.1 (August 14, 2020)#


  • Added new Ruby Module

  • Added new Python 3 Module

  • Small improvement in MagicDraw module to better support value properties.

  • Added support for Java 14

  • Support for alternate cmake compile_comands.json format

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web in which DSM numbers disappear on expansion

  • Fixed bug in “Find Issues”

  • Fixed bug in ldcpublish that caused heatmap values to disappear

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web that caused occasional crash

Lattix Release 12.0.3 (June 5, 2020)#


  • Added result totals and percentage to Impact/Uses reports

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed syntax problem in lxbuild with -isystem parameter

  • Fixed bug in ldcget with trailing slashes in url

  • Fixed problem with Java Class-Path in MacOS install. Fixes Excel import

  • Fixed localization in script reports

  • Fixed bug in which LattixWeb install was failing if Java was not installed.

Lattix Release 12.0.2 (May 22, 2020)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed Excel import.Error being thrown: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.openxmlformats.schemas.wordprocessingml.x2006.main.CTTbl.getTrList()Ljava/util/List.

  • Fixed hang that happens when Heatmap Grid is displayed when member level is expanded

Lattix Release 12.0.1 (May 15, 2020)#


ldcget now returns appropriate error message if Lattix Web is not licensed, or if license is expired

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed Excel export. ClassNotFoundException was being thrown.

  • Fixed heatmap Excel export

  • Fixed problem Lattix Web when license file was missing, Lattix Web failed to start

  • Fixed lxbuild problem which produced incomplete buildspec.xml, which caused include files to not be found

  • Fixed heatmap so that it updates when threshold values are changed

  • Fixed heatmap so that is updates when metric values changed

Lattix Release 12.0 (May 8, 2020)#


  • New Axivion module

  • Added new Heatmap view in Architect and Lattix Web

  • Updated Lattix Web tomcat server to address security issues,

  • Added new scripts to load coverage data and Misra/Autosar violation data for heatmap

  • New Metric: Weighted Impact

  • New JSON format data exporter

  • Understand Module now has option to support CountLineCode instead of CountLine

  • ldcget error message now displayed on console,/li>

  • Now uses OpenJDK

  • LattixWeb startup script now has configurable user/starup location

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed occasional NullPointer when creating CAD

  • Fixed occasional NullPointer exception loading manual dependencies

  • Fixed lxbuild running out of heap space for large files

  • Fixed Compound projects not working with manual atoms.

  • Fixed tarjan calculation gives StackOverflowError

  • Fixed bug with tag dropdown not working on Mac

  • Fixed too narrow combobox on toolbar

  • Fixed edit tag so user can rename the tag