Accessing the Repository#

You can access the Repository from Architect, LDC and from your browser.

Access using a Browser#

You can access the Repository from your browser. The URL for the Repository is typically of the form: http://hostname:8080/LattixWeb or if it installed on your machine http://localhost:8080/LattixWeb

Access from Architect#

Open the Repository from File –> Repository.


This dialog will allow you to add or delete repositories, add or delete projects, and upload, download or delete snapshots.

To add a Repository you will need the following information:

  • Repository Name: Specify any name of your choice.

  • Host: Enter the name of the server where the Repository is installed.

  • Port: Enter the port number for the server. By default, it is set to 8080.

  • Application: Enter the Application name. By default, it is set to LattixWeb.

Access from LDC#

In order to download a snapshot from the Repository, use ldcget. In order to upload a new snapshot, use ldcpublish. The arguments to ldcget and ldcpublish are described in the Command Line Applications manual.