Creating DSMs Manually#

You can create a DSM entirely manually. You can then enter subsystems and dependencies manually. You can also create DSMs from LDI files and then edit those DSMs manually.

Adding Subsystems Manually#

New subsystems may be added to an existing DSM or to a blank project.

You can create a blank project by choosing File –> New Blank Project… . The new project will not contain any subsystems. Click on DSM: $root under Views to view the blank DSM. To add new subsystems, click Edit –> Create Subsystem….


You can also create Create Subsystem icon in the toolbar, to create a new subsystem.

In the Create Subsystem dialog, it is also possible to assign an Atom Kind by checking the Create Atom checkbox and pulling down the list of available Atom Kinds:


By default, the Atom Kind will be “manual”. You can create a new Atom Kind by typing it in the field; it will then be available from the picklist.

Adding Dependencies Manually#

To create a manual dependency of one subsystem on another, select that cell, right click to bring up a pop-up list of menus, and then choose the menu item Create Manual Dependency. This will bring up the Manual Dependency dialog.


You can specify the strength and the kind of the manual dependency as well as attach properties to the dependency. By default the Dependency Kind is “manual”; a new Dependency Kind can be created by typing it into the field. Note also that the strength of a dependency must be a positive integer. Please visit Lattix Architect Data Model to learn more about Dependency Kinds, Properties, and Strength.

The dependency of ActivityB on ActivityA specified in the dialog can be viewed in the Usage tab.