Release 2021#

Lattix Release 2021.7.2 (December 20, 2021)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Upgraded log4j to 2.17.0

Lattix Release 2021.7.1 (December 15, 2021)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web in which DSM was rendered with empty cells

Lattix Release 2021.7 (December 10, 2021)#


  • Improvements in MagicDraw processing

  • Update metrics in info pane when multiple DSM headers are selected

  • Added ability to remove configuration options using command line

  • Added API for creating new views via scripting

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in obfuscation script

  • Fixed hang in Spectral partitioner

  • Fixed bug in Understand C++ plugin to eliminate “unnamed” elements

Lattix Release 2021.6.2 (November 30, 2021)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed crash when using Understand integration

Lattix Release 2021.6.1 (November 05, 2021)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed crash when using Understand integration with builds 1084 or greater

Lattix Release 2021.6 (October 13, 2021)#


  • New Python Module that uses Understand data

  • Oracle plugin now creates dependencies to each column for UPDATE commands in PL/SQL

  • Added “Recently Used” menu in scripts

  • Added option to always display simple (short) names for partitions

  • Added option to remove some atom properties when creating Clang project

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in violation panel when multiple projects were loaded

  • Fixed bug in info pane with multiple cell selections in DSM

  • Fixed crash in Excel import

  • Fixed bug reading in identity (diagonal) in matrix in Excel import

  • Fixed bug in New Project dialog in which directory selection changed unexpectedly

Lattix Release 2021.5 (September 10, 2021)#


  • Support “excluded” files in Visual Studio

  • Support .NET property “get()” dependency across assemblies

  • Added option to clang module to remove large property values

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug to prevent Ref partitions from being moved to a new parent

  • Fixed bug with reading include paths in Visual Studio

  • Fixed bug in New Project dialog in which current directory path disappears

  • Fixed bug with ref partitions not displaying selection color

  • Fixed bug with heatmap icon displaying for DSM view

Lattix Release 2021.4 (August 18, 2021)#


  • Color of Ref subsystems now uses gradient to signify uniqueness

  • Better reporting of error if clang compiler crashes

  • Added ability to import data using the command line

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in which properties did not work on atoms

  • Fixed rare bug with manual dependencies not being saved

  • Fixed bug bug with removing manual dependencies via API

  • Fixed bug in LDI plugin with whitespace not being trimmed on dependency names

  • Fixed bug with heatmap icon displaying for DSM view

Lattix Release 2021.3 (July 30, 2021)#


  • New Microsoft Project Module

  • Updated clang compiler to support C++17 and latest features

  • More improvements for MagicDraw module import

  • Recursive partitioning now the default, without needing to use partitioning dialog

  • Default partitioning to AEAP in Project Plan Profile

  • Added clang options ‘Compile Include Files’ and ‘Only Process Files in Root Dirs’ to help with Compound Projects

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed closing application on MacOS to behave like other Mac applications

  • Fixed bug in which some Project Display properties where not being persisted

Lattix Release 2021.2 (July 1, 2021)#


  • Improved MagicDraw module import

  • added -configure option to ldcupdate, to allow configuration of module properties

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed misleading error message when creating python project on command line, when pydeps command was not found

  • Fixed bug in which Lattix Architect did not recover when disk was full while saving project.

  • Fixed NullPointerException that could occur during Project Update

  • Fixed missing atom kind icon images in Parasoft module

  • Fixed bug on Project Properties in which changes to “Enable Specific Project” properties were not honored

  • Fixed help links for modules so they point to 2021.x versions

Lattix Release 2021.1 (May 18, 2021)#


  • Support Consumer/Provider terminology for Lattix Projects

  • Added new Parasoft (C++) module

  • Improvements to XMI/MagicDraw module

  • Performance improvements to Lattix Web

  • Performance improvements with projects with many duplicate/merged atoms

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug in Java module in which annotation properties where not being processed

  • Fixed problem with Understand 6.x not working more than once