Release 4#

Lattix Release 4.8.1#


  • Update Reprise License Manager to Version 6.0 to support for 32 and 64 bit Windows and Linux

Bug Fixes#

  • ldcdiff.exe was actually ldc

  • Impact Report generated an exception when “-src” was not specified

  • HTML report encoding has been fixed

  • Date format was incorrect in report

Lattix Release 4.8.0#


  • Support for Floating License Manager

  • New Command Line Utilities: LDCUpdate, LDCReport, LDCDiff

  • LDV is now a separate binary

  • Support for hiding selected dependencies

  • Tag Filtering to hide elements and dependencies

  • Ability to find central dependencies

  • Header Expansion Warning Limit is configurable through View->Preferences->Grid Appearance

  • XML export includes tag information

  • View Source now also uses the location of ‘ldz’ file to deduce location of source file

Bug Fixes#

  • Image Export did not always work correctly

  • Double clicking on the ldz file did not always bring up Lattix with the project loaded

  • Export to XML reversed order of elements

  • Interface was not being counted as an abstract element for metrics

  • Skip File Option in the module for Understand for C++ did not work

  • Update caused every Hibernate element to be marked as changed

Lattix Release 4.5.1#


  • Japanese Localization

  • Preference for DSM expansion limit warning

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix related to Macro handling in Understand for C++ module

  • Fix related to parsing generics in Java module

Lattix Release 4.5.0#


Improvements to the Conceptual Architecture Diagram:

  • Enhanced editing capabilities

  • Easier insertion and movement of boxes

  • Improved expansion and collapse of boxes

  • Set layering rules

Improvements related to dependency disambiguation in the Understand for C++ module

Navigate to the location of the dependency in the source file from LDM to Understand

Improved SQL parser

New module to support UML through XMI

GUI performance improvements for large flat systems

New partitioning algorithms

Improved cycle report

GUI to turn on debug output (View->Preferences->Logging)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix for regular expression based search

Lattix Release 4.1.1#


  • Support for Understand 2.0

Lattix Release 4.1#


  • Support added for SQL Server 2000. SQL Server Module now supports both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005.

  • Support added for Sybase.

  • A new Eclipse plugin has now been added to work off of project files created in Lattix LDM.

  • Recursive option added to partitioning algorithms.

  • A new Unused Element Report has been added.

  • A new Cycle Report has been added.

  • Some Report Names have been changed.

  • Export option under Report now supports an XML file type.

  • The plugin for Understand for C++ has been simplified and improved significantly.

Bug Fixes#

  • Memory leak when the usage pane is repeatedly clicked has been fixed.

  • Specifying rules with dependency kinds has been fixed.

  • Individual items in the report tree can now be selected and tagged.

  • Report selection now uses the DSM selection as default selection.

  • Internal API Report had extra elements in it - it has been fixed.

  • Unicode characters encoded incorrectly when uncompressed project is saved.

  • Resource strings have been updated to improve localization.

  • Fix ldm.bat so that path with quote characters doesn’t cause it to fail.

Lattix Release 4.0.5#

Bug Fixes#

  • Refresh issue - sometimes parts of the screen weren’t refreshed.

  • Message was missing in Project File Save dialog.

  • Ensure that the right version of java is used.

  • BSC project from 3.1 could not be loaded into 4.0.

  • Fix LDI error when file path contains special characters.

Lattix Release 4.0#


Member Level Improvement: You can now load in members without loading their dependencies. This saves memory while still allowing you to see down to the member level. Update Report will also show what’s changed down to the member level (method and data member for Java, .NET and C/C++). As before, the option to load (or not load) members is still available.

Atom Properties: Additional properties are loaded with elements. For instance, you can see the size and visibility of each class. These properties are used in reports. For instance, Update Report allows you to see the elements whose properties were changed.

New Module for SQL Server 2005

Improvements to Tagging:

  • Create Tag based on Name (with regular expression), Atom kind, Usage, Direct selection

  • Tag Operations: Copy, Cut, Paste, Hide, Filter

Additional Reports (xml, html and xls):

  • Impact Report

  • Component Report

  • Uses Report

  • Internal API Report

  • External Use Report

  • Project Report

New Operations added to Usage Tab

Significant Memory and Performance Improvements

Ability to turn on/off DSM recalculation for large scale editing

Ability to turn on/off synchronization of Usage Panels with DSM Selection