Using ldcscript

Using ldcscript#


ldcscript <project-file> [-script]:<Script> [ScriptOptions]

Run specified groovy script. You can create and test a script using architect, but the script can then be run from ldcscript also. If a script has a user interface, the various elements of the user interface turn into script options.


  • ldcscript -help

    Dump out the arguments to ldcscript.

  • ldcscript -help:ScriptOpts

    Dump out all the scripts you can run along with their arguments. Since each script will have its own arguments, this command is useful to discover the arguments to a script.

  • ldcscript <project.ldz> -script:DisplaySystemGraphviz.graph_circo

    Runs the graph_circo method script in the file DisplaySystemGraphviz.groovy. If your file contains only one script, then just the file name is enough to invoke the script.

Success or Failure#

Returns success or failure to the calling script, where failure is the inability to complete its processing.