Release 2022#

Lattix Release 2022.2 (December 23, 2022)#


  • Added ability to load Magicdraw MDZIP files

  • Added multi selection in usage pane

  • Added option to auto-partition subsystems with large numbers of childrens

  • Improvements to Oracle SQL parsing

  • Better error handling with command line arguments

  • Improved speed when adding multiple rules

Bug Fixes#

  • Bug fix in ldcdiff

  • Fixed bug in .NET processing. Certain OpCodes not processed correctly

  • Performance improvements in large models

  • New Clang option “Use Parent Datasource-, improves performance when loading directory of multiple .lo object files

  • Many improvements with loading Magicdraw XMI files.

  • Fixed several bugs in lxbuild, improves buildspec.xml output

  • Fixed several bugs with Ref Partitions.

  • Fixed bug in script dialogs when typing in Filename fields

  • Fixed “Use Localized Names- in Export Project to Excel/LDI and Export Project Atoms to Excel/LDI

  • Fixed bug on Mac in which closing app did not ask to save changes

  • Fixed several bugs with Manual Dependencies

  • Fixed several bugs with initial load partitioning algorithm

  • General GUI improvements

Lattix Release 2022.1 (May 20, 2022)#


  • Added new Rule type called “Must Use”

  • Ability to access SparxEA database directly

  • SparxEA processing now works on 64 bit machine

  • SparxEA now supports direct database connection

  • Added options to Clang module to improve memory usage

  • Added command line option to Clang module to support project configurer

  • Added feature to lxbuild to support build log files as input.

  • Updated java bytecode support to JDK 18

  • Add ability to customize metrics in Lattix Web

  • Added more metrics to Heatmap option (including Cyclomatic Complexty and Object Oriented Metrics)

  • Changed default in .NET so that merge option is selected even when one datasource is added

  • Improved Navigator context menu

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed lxbuild archive command processing

  • Added argument to lxbuild to import compile options

  • Fixed problem in which some manual dependencies could not be removed

  • DSM scroll bars are not visible when window is too narrow

  • Impact report shows percentages >100% when member level on

  • Fix low res icons for Lattix

  • Fixed excel sheet names for some reports

  • Fixed display of snapshot description in Lattix Web

  • Fixed bug in which update would fail if only one module was updated in multi-module project

  • Fixed MacOSX so dialogs always appear in front

  • Fixed DSM so tag count is always visible in row headers

  • Fixed bug in which Tags in tree were not visible in Impact report

  • Fixed bug in which recent swatches in color selection dialog was not remembered

  • Fixed “Clear All” in Filter Dependencies dialog.

  • Fixed -https command line option with ldcpublish

  • Removed unnecessary check box on the Users tab in Latti Web

  • Fixed bug in which some LDZ files failed with error: “Size exceeds Integer.MAX_VALUE”

  • Fixed bug in which SQL processing in Oracle module produced usage strengths that are too large.

Lattix Release 2022.0 (February 14, 2022)#


  • Lattix Web now allows customized metrics

  • Lattix Web has new Impact traceability

  • Added ability to set preferences via command line

  • Command line import support

  • Better Understand/Python support

Bug Fixes#

  • Metrics now displayed by root of view

  • Fixed bug in Filter Dependencies dialog with “clear all-

  • Fixed bug with coloring of Ref partitions in heatmap

  • Fixed bug with tags with same name and different case