Release 2023#

Lattix Release 2023.1.1 (February 26, 2024)#


  • Added script to convert ViolationsWithLines report to Sarif

  • Added build number to the About Box

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed Exception with Connection String on UML/SysML(SparxEA)

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web, which sometimes caused Lattix Web page to blank

  • Fixed bug in Clang module lx_compile, in which single quotes around arguments were not handled

  • Fixed bug in Clang module lx_compile, in which the include path arguments were in wrong order (this fixed problem with #include_next)

  • Fixed bug in Clang module that caused increased memory usage

  • The Clang module includes a new ltxcc “single thread” variant for Linux that fixes crash sometimes seen in certain types of nodes within a Bazel environment.

  • Added warning message while creating MagicDraw project about members not being visible by default

  • Fixed bug in the script GlobalVariableReportWithMatrix in which generated report sheets were not in sync

  • Several localization fixes

Lattix Release 2023.1 (December 19, 2023)#


  • Added Active Filters indicator and dialog in DSM in both Architect and Lattix Web

  • Added support for MUST-USE rules on external dependencies

  • Support for Java 21

  • Updated Tomcat to version 8.5.96 for Lattix Web

  • Added external usage to Lattix Web in DSM

  • Added dependency arrow indicator to Lattix Web DSM

  • Within Clang module, new lx_compile tool to simplify integration into Bazel for C/C++

  • Within Clang module, added “–lxdiag” argument to ltxcc tool to output warning/errors to stderr

  • Changed Clang module so that “Compiled With” dependency is enabled by default for new projects

  • Support loading Requirements element from Magicdraw

  • Added option to Magicdraw module to flip “Satisfy” dependencies to “Satisfy By”

  • Better error/warning messages when processing SparxEA and Magicdraw files

  • LDCUpdate now generates initial report with errors and warnings

  • Can now create Layering Rules for a single partition

  • Updated localization for Japanese

Early Adopter Features#

  • New Match Model functionality

  • Ability to load GTest results into Lattix

  • Ability to load Fortify data into Lattix (script is located in scripts_extra directory)

  • New native SparxEA Add-In to export model to a Lattix LDI file

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed several bugs with multi-screen environments

  • Fixed Initial size for the “Impact Report”, “Hide Dependencies…” and Edit Manual Dependencies…” dialogs

  • Fixed bug with maintaining size of message pane when closing and re-opening Lattix

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web with hidden subsystems causing NullPointerException

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web when the % change went from 0 to a non-zero number

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web in which MUST-USE rules were creating phantom dependencies

  • Fixed bug with LattixWeb Architecture Changes reporting wrong number of missing violations

  • Fixed bug with missing violation indicators in Lattix Web

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web with cells displaying as black in heatmap

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web heatmap, clicking on headers no longer makes them go blank

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web with unnecessary repeated java.util.ConcurrentModificationException

  • Fixed Lattix Web “Architecture Changes” report showing wrong number of new violations

  • Fixed bug in which Must-use violation appears as “new” repeatedly in Lattix Web and LDCDiff

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web and LDCDiff in which violation report was showing the wrong rule

  • Fixed bug in LDCDiff in which MUST-USE violations are missing

  • Better error reporting of missing arguments for LDCGet command

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Architect when trying to add projects to Lattix Web over the limit

  • Fixed bug with “Expand All” in navigation panel

  • Fixed bug with leading and trailing spaces in tag names

  • Fixed creating .NET project from Visual Studio Solution file with some projects removed from build configuration

  • Added option to .NET module to create a dummy subsystem for exports from native DLLs

  • Fixed several bugs with loading .NET projects via Visual Studio, and improved error reporting

  • Fixed bug with processing .NET Class Library

  • Fixed bug in ResolveExportedMethods.groovy script relating to using Understand module

  • Fixed bug when exporting images from Lattix, heatmap threshold information was missing

  • Fixed bug when exporting images from Lattix, the direction arrow from $root box was missing.

  • Fixed bug in “Add Rule” dialog in which list of available externals contained invalid options

  • Fixed missing external rule violations in clang projects

  • Fixed bug with Undo menu being inconsistent with several projects open

  • Fixed LDC command-line scripts on MacOS to use the installed version of Java

  • Fixed text rendering in some panel headers on MacOS

  • Removed duplicate scripts in menus

Lattix Release 2023.0 (August 29, 2023)#


  • Faster building C/C++ Clang projects on multi core machines

  • Made several improvements to lxbuild to produce more accurate buildspec.xml

  • Improved support for loading Visual Studio projects in Clang and .NET

  • Improved stability in Lattix Web

  • Lattix Web upgraded to use Apache Tomcat 8.5.85

  • Improved datasource/file matching when computing snapshot deltas in Lattix Web

  • Magicdraw module now supports member level

  • Added *.RPYX extension to Rhapsody support

  • Turn on cell violation indicators by default

  • Added warning messages when Project Update results in rules being removed

  • Added description of Rule to Delta Violation report

  • Added property to Lattix Project that determines if external dependencies are allowed/disallowed by default

  • “Create Layering Rules” now works on a subsystem that is not partitioned

  • Better menu layout

  • Changed keyboard shortcut for “Create Subsystem In” on Mac to Shift Command-M

  • The install creates a new directory named “scripts_extra”. Some scripts previously found in “scripts” directory are now placed in “scripts_extra”. “scripts_extra” is not loaded into Lattix by default

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed heatmap in Lattix Web and Lattix Architect

  • Fixed several bugs in downloading reports in Lattix Web

  • Fixed malformed “Re-run report” dialog

  • Better error messages from LDC command line

  • Better error messages when creating subsytems with atoms from Lattix Architect

  • Fixed bug in manual worklist items

  • Fixed bug when closing a report popup window

  • Fixed member level support when creating Python project with LDC command line

  • Fixed bug in Compound Projects when merging datasource by name

  • Fixed bug with keyboard focus in Navigator panel in Lattix Architect

  • Fixed bug with tree expansion in Navigator panel in Lattix Architect

  • Fixed bug with saving description when editing Rule

  • Fixed confusing warning message when deleting multiple reports from Navigator

  • Fixed bug in which rule disappears when converted to an Exception

  • Fixed bug so user can delete multiple tags at once

  • Fixed bug on Mac in which dialogs appeared beneath the current window

  • Fixed bug with Tree Expand Branch in context menu

  • Fixed several bugs in dialogs in which typing resulted in text being overwritten incorrectly

  • Fixed bug with “Copy Branch” in context menu on tags