Release 7#

Lattix Release 7.8 (August 29, 2012)#


  • A new Context Menu Item added for Independent Subsystem Rule.

  • A new Context Menu Item added for Layering Rule for a partitioned DSM.

  • The Excel Module can now take multiple excel files as input.

  • Reports now support export to Excel2007 format:

    • The file extension .xlsx is now recognized.

    • The ldcreport option -report:excel2007 can also be used.

  • API has been further rationalized for consistency in naming:

    • method getComponent() has been replaced with getModule()

    • method getComponentId() has been replaced with getModuleId()

  • A new API on Project Model returns partitions that are visible in the current view: public Iterator visibleSubPartitionIterator(Partition partition);

  • The unused option to set Project Root Path was removed from the Options tab in the New Project Dialog.

Bug Fixes#

  • Several fixes were made to the Conceptual Architecture Diagram related to moving subsystems.

  • An exception is generated when exporting to a project with more than 10 levels of the hierarchy to an excel spreadsheet.

  • LDM performance could degrade severely when displaying the Info pane with a lot of data.

Lattix Release 7.7 (July 20, 2012)#


  • Changed Atoms Report is now generated on Web Application.

  • Delta Impact Report is now generated on Web Application.

  • Plugin for Hudson and Jenkins can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base.

  • Added documentation in Knowledge Base on how to use Eclipse for developing Lattix Scripts.

  • The Info pane shows all the properties associated with a dependency. Earlier, only 10 properties were displayed.

  • API has been further rationalized for consistency in naming.

Bug Fixes#

  • Line number could disappear when members are expanded.

  • Rule disappears when a cell comment is added.

  • Dependency strength is sometimes displayed as 0

  • Moving subsystems in Conceptual Architecture moved more than one subsystem when there are a large number of subsystems in a single layer.

  • JVM initialization could fail if there are a large number of network printers configured.

  • The Path variable is set when Lattix is run in the MAC. This allows several graphical scripts to be run in conjunction with Graphviz.

Lattix Release 7.6 (June 18, 2012)#


  • Conceptual Architecture Diagram subsystems has a new infrastructure. As are result, the moves and re-sizes work properly. Further improvements will be now be forthcoming in upcoming releases.

  • Improved name matching in the SparxEA module for identifiers separated by colons e.g. A::B::C

  • Added new API calls to obtain the to-edges to a collection of partitions or atoms:

    • DependencyEdgeCollection getUsedByEdges(PartitionCollection parts)

    • DependencyEdgeCollection getUsedByEdges(AtomCollection atoms)

Bug Fixes#

  • Largest Atom report was empty when members were turned on.

  • Indexes and their dependencies are now included as elements in the Oracle analysis.

  • With members enabled, certain dependencies were double counted in LattixWeb.

  • ldcscript did not find scripts that were located in directories other than the default.

  • During Update, manual dependencies could be lost.

  • The API call newManualDependency() could return a null.

  • The dependency edge display toggle in the conceptual architecture diagram was disabled when a second project is loaded in a single Lattix session.

Lattix Release 7.5 (May 11, 2012)#


  • Improved integration of reports into Lattix:

    • Navigate to DSM from selected cell.

    • Tag report column.

    • Delete rows in a report.

  • Update supports a new option to generate the detailed list of differences even if the elements are not member level expanded. This option is available in the Update Dialog in ldm and as an additional option in ldcupdate.

  • The memory footprint of the Klocwork module was reduced significantly.

  • Sparx EA Module improvements:

    • Support for nested elements and diagrams.

    • Improved matching of type strings to classes and interfaces. A new option was also added to allow users to disable this capability.

    • Sequence diagram dependencies to methods takes inheritance into account.

    • Generated methods are now created with the atom kind of “Message”.

    • A new option was added to skip Notes.

  • About Box has been updated with new graphics.

  • Atom Kinds are displayed in sorted order in the Filter Dependencies and Atom Kinds Dialogs.

  • Users can configure script directories through View –> Preferences –> Scripting.

  • A new atom property (‘link’) was added to enable linking to external programs. This property works the same way as the ‘link’ property on dependency. Users can click on the link in the Info pane to invoke an externally configured program.

  • API has additional methods for adding elements to tags.

  • API naming has been made more consistent: some methods that used the terminology of ‘component’ have been duplicated with a terminology of ‘module’. The old methods will be deprecated in future.

Bug Fixes#

  • Excel Import could fail with empty worksheet names.

  • Ref Partition name changed to include full hierarchy.

  • In certain nested situations, members could show up inside Ref partitions.

  • Empty Manual Atom reports are no longer generated in the Repository.

  • Project Root Path option has been moved to the bottom of the Options dialog.

  • LDI option to display image icons did not work (this was a regression).

  • Sometimes members could be displayed in a project even without member level expansion.

  • Import Dialog did not correctly remember the last used directory.

  • The Info pane split up lines when property values contain the parenthesis character.

Lattix Release 7.4 (April 12, 2012)#


  • The Custom Reporting System was extended to allow reports to include text, urls, images, and tables.

  • Several new reports specific to Sparx Enterprise Architect were added.

  • A new dependency property (‘link’) was added to enable linking to external programs.

  • API was augmented to support custom reporting on external dependencies.

  • Oracle module was improved to require slightly fewer permissions.

Bug Fixes#

  • Even though there can be multiple links in the Info pane, clicking on them always took you to the first link.

  • The Graph with Hierarchy script did not display certain dependencies between individual nodes and clusters.

  • Combine Source and Header Files script was fixed to work correctly with newer version of the Java runtime.

  • The 32-bit version of Lattix for Windows did not use the latest version of Java JRE 1.6.

  • Properties that contain certain white space characters (n, \r, \t) can appear to be changed in an update even when they haven’t changed.

  • Update did not work correctly with multiple data sources of the same name.

Lattix Release 7.3.2 (March 28, 2012)#


  • Report generation now includes support for images and improved integration with extracted data.

  • Lattix API has been further expanded to support improvements to report generation.

  • Documentation for scripting and custom reporting has been improved.

  • Lattix now ships with the latest Java JRE (1.6.0_31).

Bug Fixes#

  • Understand module fixed for certain constructs related to typedefs.

  • Expansion and Collapse of memory level retains current focus.

  • Update data source matching algorithm improved.

  • Klocwork module can use excessive heap memory in some circumstances.

  • SparxEA project update could produce incorrect report if it had elements with trailing spaces in element names.

Lattix Release 7.3.1 (March 14, 2012)#


  • Improved Localization.

  • SparxEA Module supports primitive data types.

  • SparxEA Module has improved handling of return types and parameter types.

Bug Fixes#

  • Web Application has been fixed so that Architecture Metrics and Charts are not stuck in “Loading …”.

  • Fortran module’s handling of the common block was improved when the common block is defined within a module.

  • C/C++ (using Understand) module’s handling of fields in typedef structs was improved.

  • Generation of delta metrics from Metric report was disabled because it duplicates the information in update report.

Lattix Release 7.3 (March 6, 2012)#


  • Users can generate custom reports with a reporting engine and a query language.

  • Update report has been improved to indicate what is different about changed elements.

  • Objective-C is now supported through Understand for C++ strict analyzer.

  • A new script has been created for mapping Android style JNI dependencies from Java to C/C++.

  • SparxEA module incorporates message dependencies from sequence diagrams as methods.

  • SparxEA module has improved error reporting.

  • SparxEA module is now part of the Embedded Profile also.

  • The Info pane display supports linking to source editor.

  • Command line programs were fixed to properly handle multi-byte character file names.

  • Support has been added for internationalization.

Bug Fixes#

  • ldcupdate can sometimes fail with a null pointer exception.

  • .NET module option for excluding classes did not work correctly.

  • .NET module had an error in computing code size for certain native methods. As a result, code size showed as extremely large for certain elements.

  • Atom Database issues related to update were fixed.

  • A problem in Klocwork module related to variable argument methods was fixed.

  • A problem in Hibernate related to member level atoms was fixed.

  • Fix for certain hidden dependencies that were not removed from model.

  • If you member level expanded and then collapsed a Fortran project created with the Atom Database enabled, the common block could disappear.

  • A regression in the directory analyzer was fixed which prevented it from working.

  • Excel module was fixed to ensure that properties were correctly loaded when updating.

  • On some PCs with a default Java installation, the exe version of the LDC utilities did not work while the bat files worked.

Lattix Release 7.2 (January 24, 2012)#


  • A new module for Sparx Enterprise Architect is now available.

  • In LDC input arguments, you can now prefix a file name with ‘@’ character. LDC will then read the contents of the file to obtain an actual list of files. This is useful for ‘ldcupdate’ because you can give a file name as input, which in turn contains the actual list of files to be used for updating a project.

  • Impact Analysis has a new option that filters for the target after analysis.

  • Use the existence of the environment variable STI_HOME in ‘ldm.exe’ to set the path correctly when multiple versions of Understand are installed.

  • Info panel aggregates information regarding selected elements.

  • Info panel display of properties is improved.

  • Additional improvements were made to the memory footprint of the Atom Database.

  • Updates were made for localization.

Bug Fixes#

  • ldcupdate would turn on the Atom Database even if it was turned off for the project. Now it leaves it in the same state as the project.

  • Expanding and Collapsing members after restoring excluded atoms did not work correctly.

  • Restore Excluded Atoms could be extremely slow.

  • TopN reports were incorrectly sorted. This was a regression from Lattix 6.* versions and has been fixed.

  • View Source did not work in some situations related to the Klocwork module.

  • In some cases, Lattix installation on Windows did not create the association for the ldz file extensions.

  • On the MAC platform, the finder did not work with the ldz file extensions.

  • Lattix API call getPartition() was fixed for the case when an incorrect path was provided.

Lattix Release 7.1 (December 16, 2011)#


  • The Repository authentication now supports ‘admin’ users and ‘regular’ users.

  • The JNI dependency between Java and C/C++ is now made automatically in Lattix. This obsoletes the separate JNI Analyzer tool.

  • .NET module supports dependencies between managed and native code.

  • .NET module filters out a large number of housekeeping entries in the Global subsystem.

  • An arrow icon was added to the root partition to indicate the direction of dependency.

  • Lattix icons were updated in the product.

  • A new script is available for mapping from managed code to methods in a C/C++ module.

  • A new script was added to remove specific kinds of atoms from a project.

  • The performance of report generation was improved significantly.

  • API was enhanced to take advantage of the Atom Database.

  • It is possible to create new Worklist items associated with selected subsystems or cells.

Bug Fixes#

  • When a subsystem is expanded member level, some of the dependencies were incorrectly displayed to the Ref subsystem instead of to the members.

  • Sometimes the Metrics panel comes up with columns that are narrow and squished together.

  • Excel Module works correctly with ‘linenumber’ property.

  • The Oracle parser has fixes for certain constructs that contain aliases.

  • The script to Infer Dependency for MDM systems was fixed.

  • The .NET module could show negative or erroneous file size information.

  • A regression in Licensing of the Repository was fixed.

  • The XMI module could fail to load certain models exported from EA.

  • Sometimes Lattix (ldm.exe) would come up running with a smaller heap on 64-bit systems than the default 4GB.

Lattix Release 7.0.1 (November 23, 2011)#


  • The Javascript plugin has a number of improvements to identify dependencies.

  • The Rhapsody plugin was added to the Embedded Profile.

Bug Fixes#

  • Purge Unused Tracks option in the Repository could remove tracks which contained data.

  • Certain snapshots were not being deleted even though according to the rules they should have been deleted.

  • The SQL Parser was fixed to properly handle certain ‘alias’ related constructs.

  • A problem in the evaluation license for the Repository was fixed.

  • The .NET module had a fix related to how generic types are processed.

  • In certain circumstances, View Source did not work when members were present.

Lattix Release 7.0 (November 8, 2011)#


  • Lattix now supports the Apple MAC platform.

  • Lattix now supports analysis of JavaScript.

  • The Lattix User Interface has been simplified through Profiles. A Profile enables users to set defaults and configure Modules and Scripts.

  • Lattix Projects are far more scalable. You can expand to member level through the Expand and Collapse menu but this no longer requires an update.

  • Users can write their own modules using Scripting.

  • Scripts are now included in the Lattix download.

  • It is now possible to load in Compound projects even if their sub-projects are not accessible.

  • Lattix reports now support export to Excel 2007 format (xlsx).

  • Impact Analysis has a new option that extends dependencies to reference subsystems.

  • The Web Display has been improved when displaying empty tables and long tables.

  • A New Average Cumulative Dependency Metric has been added.

  • The Manuals in the Knowledge Base have been updated and expanded.

  • Scripting supports additional annotations.

  • The configuration options for Oracle and SQL modules are remembered across Lattix invocations.

Bug Fixes#

  • The regression with deltatags option for ldcupdate has been fixed.

  • The Lattix Repository now uses a directory called “.lattixsnaphot” instead of “.snapshot”. This has been done to prevent conflict with NetApps file service.

  • The Excel Module now does not generate the “*” partition making its behavior similar to the Excel Converter utility.

  • Excel module did not handle some of the options correctly.

  • The Lattix module for Understand would sometimes not work because user’s PATH variable contains programs which used dlls incompatible with the version used by Understand API.

  • The hierarchy displayed for members in the Klocwork module was altered to show data members inside the containing struct/class.

  • Compound Project showed incorrect top partition in the repository.