Release 10#

Lattix Release 10.9 (May 3, 2018)#


  • Understand 5.0 is now the default for the Understand module. Please see documentation in the C/C++ module for configuration with older versions of Understand.

  • Improved error handling and diagnostics of ltxcc in the Clang module.

  • Localization completed for the Japanese language.

Bug Fixes#

  • Java projects could run out of heap space due to an allocation error.

  • Line numbers aren’t displayed for some violations in .NET projects.

  • Sometimes the PDB is ignored by the .NET module.

  • Example script to open projects did not work.

  • LXBuild sometimes terminated when processing the trace file.

  • In the Clang module, buildspec generated from Project Configurer did not produce the same results as Project Configurer.

  • Impact reports were incorrect with the update delta tag.

  • LattixWeb impact reports did not work correctly with multiple data sources.

Lattix Release 10.8.1 (February 28, 2018)#


  • Product has been localized for Japanese.

  • Due to changes in Understand, support was added for both old and new builds of Understand. Please see documentation in the C/C++ module for Understand.

  • Lxbuild was improved to work when current directory location is changed with the “-C” command.

  • Lxbuild supports additional source, header and object file types.

  • Lattix Web displays dependencies consistent with the project settings in Lattix Architect.

  • The number of Atom Kinds was increased from 64 to unlimited.

  • Lattix Architect can be invoked from within Visual Studio.

  • Empty Group names are no longer allowed.

  • Tool tips containing descriptions were added to metrics.

  • Integrated with version 12 of the RLM licensing software.

Bug Fixes#

  • Edge browser did not show ‘Select Projects to Follow’ button in the correct spot.

  • Group names with the the quote characters weren’t handled correctly.

  • Licensing fixes were made to License Manager.

  • Deleting groups was not handled correctly.

  • Certain deeply nested dependencies are not displayed for the Clang module upon member expansion.

  • Certain violations were not shown in .NET module.

  • The .NET module will now skip zero length binaries instead of failing.

  • Inner class atoms were not correctly saved in the Java plugin.

  • Invalid atom kinds with ‘,’ in their names are handled properly.

  • Dependency kinds were displayed incorrectly in the Filter dialog.

  • Average Impact metric was incorrectly calculated for UML/SysML projects.

Lattix Release 10.7.1 (November 22, 2017)#


  • The .NET plugin now supports reading in Visual Studio solution files.

  • Significant improvements have been made to lxbuild, the utility to generate build specification for C/C++ clang module:

    • It works correctly with absolute and relative paths.

    • It handles multiple versions of Linux some of which behave differently with child processes.

    • The configuration has been expanded to support file types such as cxx.

    • The configuration has been expanded to include additional compiler strings such as ‘armcc’.

Bug Fixes#

  • Dependency Strength was shown as 2 instead of 1 for a single dependency in some C/C++ cases.

  • Java plugin was not returning the full path of the source file for a class.

Lattix Release 10.7 (August 18, 2017)#


  • A new Visual Studio plugin has been released for improved integration with Architect and Command Line. This free plugin can be downloaded directly from the Visual Studio marketplace.

  • A new tool for analysis of Javascript is now available. This tool uses the module system to extract the dependencies. It can be used with all modern Javascript code, on both the front end and the back end.

  • The LDI module was enhanced to support the option of “home_partition” to allow control over the partitions that are generated from the atoms.

  • Unused elements report is now based on partitions instead of atoms. This improves the report for multi-module projects.

  • Error reporting was improved when connecting to the repository.

  • Clang module user interface was improved to allow buildspec files to be loaded into ProjectConfigurer.

Bug Fixes#

  • The clang module failed to run ‘ltxcc’ when the command line became too long. This would lead to the creation of projects that didn’t contain any dependencies.

  • The .net module was improved to generate the correct dependency to virtual methods on derived classes.

  • The size of the tgz download file was reduced.

Lattix Release 10.6.1 (April 13, 2017)#


  • Lattix Web documentation was updated to reflect the new access control features.

  • Command Line documentation was updated to reflect the use of user and password on command lines.

  • Error reporting was improved when a connecting to the Repository from Architect.

  • Security Certificate was updated.

Bug Fixes#

  • Certain static methods weren’t being picked up by the .NET module. This was a regression introduced in Lattix 10.5.

Lattix Release 10.6 (March 24, 2017)#


  • Lattix Web Improvements:

    • Access control to allow teams to manage access to projects:

      • Administrators can create groups.

      • Users can be members of one or more groups.

      • Projects can be configured to provide access to one or more groups.

    • Trend graphs can now be plotted all the way to the start.

    • The dashboard for projects shows status and key metrics for each project.

    • The Usage pane of DSMs shows dependency kinds also.

    • Default value for checker limit can be set.

    • Additional trend graphs were added to the web application.

    • User Interface was simplified and improved for ease of use.

Bug Fixes#

  • An exception could be generated due to incorrect processing for zero length strings in .NET module.

  • An exception could be generated when running ldcupdate with a wild card in input specification.

  • Email address specified in Lattix Web did not change.

Lattix Release 10.5.2 (February 6, 2017)#


  • Completed localization for Japanese.

  • .NET module supports computation of cyclomatic complexity:

    • The System Metrics tab shows maximum cyclomatic complexity by hierarchy.

    • There is a new report under Other Reports for the top 100 methods by Cyclomatic Complexity.

Bug Fixes#

  • The used by pane in the DSM in LattixWeb did not show all the dependencies.

  • Update could fail when path is specified with wild cards.

  • When switching projects, LattixWeb reports could display incorrectly because of a cache error.

  • Line numbers were not displayed for certain dependencies in LattixWeb.

Lattix Release 10.5 (September 28, 2016)#


  • Lattix Web enhancements:

    • User access controls are now supported on a repository wide basis.

    • Licensing allows administrators to control user access.

    • Tiles on the project dashboard now display key project metrics.

  • Clang module has been updated:

    • Project creation has been enhanced.

    • The Clang compiler was updated for all supported platforms.

    • Support multi-byte characters in source file and directory names.

  • Java module supports computation of cyclomatic complexity:

    • The System Metrics tab shows maximum cyclomatic complexity by hierarchy.

    • There is a new report under Other Reports for the top 100 methods by Cyclomatic Complexity.

  • Lattix has been localized for Japanese.

  • Find and New Search dialogs were unified.

  • Generate Class View script can be run on a selected subsystem.

  • Project Update menu is now available from both the Navigator and Home.

  • The procedure for integrating with Understand on Mac OS X was updated to reflect the changes made in Understand.

Bug Fixes#

  • Exception when a compound project was created with LDI based project.

  • Java cycle checker generated an exception (regression).

  • Understand module options - file and symbol filtering could generate an exception.

  • A transient caching problem was fixed in Lattix Web which led to violation comparison not working.

  • Cell indicators from View menu did not toggle the indicators.

  • The link on dependency strength did not work In the DSM on Lattix Web.

  • The partition options in Create Project Dialog were greyed out for some modules.

  • Tree expand and collapse did not work properly in Edit tag.

  • .NET module could throw an exception on some dlls that should have been skipped.

  • Metrics tab could be blank when a report is being displayed.

Lattix Release 10.1.2 (July 15, 2016)#


  • Lxbuild has been made more configurable.

  • Lxbuild generates useful diagnostics after it is run.

  • Clang module provides better help for getting started.

  • Additional localization related improvements were made.

Bug Fixes#

  • After a report was generated in its own window, it would not open within Lattix even after the report window was closed.

  • A report to xlsx truncated at row 65535.

  • Partition Options were greyed out for Java and some other modules.

  • The Understand module did not work on 32-bit Linux (this was a regression).

Lattix Release 10.1.1 (June 22, 2016)#


  • Clang module updates:

    • The internal Clang compiler has been updated to version 3.9. Updates apply to 32/64 bit Windows, OSX and 64 bit Linux. 32. Note that 32 bit Linux still uses the older clang compiler and will be updated in the next build.

    • The Clang module supports C++11 and C++14 standards.

    • The options for the Clang module were reordered and simplified.

    • Header file processing has been improved for Visual Studio projects.

  • Lxbuild utility has been updated:

    • The compiler name recognition algorithm has been improved.

    • Documentation for lxbuild has been augmented.

  • New localization files have been incorporated. This work is ongoing.

Bug Fixes#

  • On newer versions of the Chrome browser the dependency strengths in the DSM could not be selected in LattixWeb..

  • A ClassCastException was sometimes generated from impact report.

  • Issue checker expansion tree was fixed to remove a problem when extra items were expanded in the issues tree.

  • Fixes were made to string cache that led to stack overflow exception.

Lattix Release 10.1 (April 18, 2016)#


  • Clang include reports have been enhanced and improved:

    • A new report for analyzing declarations was added.

    • A new report for analyzing indirectly included header files and dependencies were added.

    • All current Clang reports were improved and made easier to understand.

    • Duplicates in reports due to multiple datasources were eliminated.

    • Undefined macros report does not show macros starting with a double underscore ‘__’ in order to shorten the report. Note that these macros can only be defined by the compiler vendor.

  • LattixWeb has improved support for user logins:

    • Users can be enabled on a repository. Once users are enabled only registered users can browse projects.

    • A user’s email settings can be configured in Settings.

    • A “Forgot Password” link on the login page can be used to reset the password.

    • A “Select Projects to Follow” button has been added to the top of the dashboard to allow users to select the projects to follow in the dashboard.

  • A new utility lxbuild has been added to monitor a build and to generate a build specification file on linux systems for c/c++ analysis using clang.

  • LattixWeb user interface improvements:

    • The color palette for atom types has been expanded.

    • Admin interface has been improved with better sizing of buttons and justification of headers and fields.

  • Architect preference dialog has been improved to set or clear properties used for controling metric computation.

Bug Fixes#

  • RLM license on linux did not work if the ethernet interfaces on the system had names that did not start with an index of ‘0’. For instance a system with an an ethernet interface of ems32 would not work if there weren’t other ethernet interfaces starting with ems0.

  • For some metrics “Long Compute” was displayed instead of “Not Available”.

  • Checker persistent data in LattixWeb did not store localized fields.

  • Reports generated from Clang projects with multiple datasources could have duplicate rows.

Lattix Release 10.0.1 (February 9, 2016)#


  • A new option was added to control whether a chart was 1 column or 2 column wide.

  • Largest atom report now shows short names to improve readability along with a tooltip to show the full name.

  • Improved display of some top level menu items for smaller or lower resolution devices.

  • Tooltip added to names in graphs to help in situations where long names are truncated.

  • Improved error handling with invalid key is entered in LattixWeb.

  • View Preferences hierarchy was simplified.

Bug Fixes#

  • Clang project configurer ignored macro definitions.

  • Clang diagnostics report had ‘-1’ in the first column.

  • Clang buildspec file did not work with a unit that had a missing or a null name.

  • Repository Navigator showed incorrect menu items when edit snapshot dialog is canceled.

  • Debug messages were generated with certain checkers.

  • Issue results were displayed in the reverse order.

  • Sorting did not work on report columns in hierarchical reports on LattixWeb.

  • The License Dialog shows all the hostids, instead of just the first one in the list.

  • Repository gets into an unexpected when deleted deleted are reinstalled.

  • Export menu was greyed out when view was not being displayed, thereby preventing export to xml unless a view is being displayed.

  • Abstraction without Decoupling checker could fail with a null pointer exception.

Lattix Release 10.0 (January 15, 2016)#


  • Lattix Web has been completely redesigned

    • The User Interface has been completely revised.

    • You can now create and view DSMs in your browser. The DSMs and expandable and collapsible. it is also possible to examine the dependencies between any two subsystems.

    • The number of reports has been expanded.

    • There are no limits on the number of reports.

    • Charting has been revised for easier use and greater clarity.

    • It is possible to configure the reports, charts and view for any project.

    • Find issues checkers can be run and displayed on Lattix Web.

    • Delta computation is improved when loading multiple projects.

  • Find Issues checkers have been completely revised

    • Checkers can be run to identify problems on projects even without you any knowledge of the code.

    • The checker user interface has drill down functionality pinpointing problems at the source code level.

    • New C/C++ checkers for a variety of include file analysis, object-oriented design issues and other architectural smells.

    • Java and .NET checkers for object-oriented design issues.

  • Improvements to the User Interface

    • New interface added to support invoking, running and displaying the output of Find Issues.

    • Delta Metrics have been removed since that information is already available in the Update Report. The same information can also be obtained from the ldcdiff utility.

    • The pane for Project Source File options was unused and has been removed.

    • The Partition Uses and Used By reports have been removed.

  • The Windows install binary uses a certificate for enhanced security.

  • Work list display now includes the parent information for newly created subsystems.

  • Cyclomatic Complexity metric is shown for projects created with Klocwork and Understand modules.

Bug Fixes#

  • Compound projects expand and collapse showed inconsistent results with multiple atoms with the same external name.

  • Update delta tag wasn’t set on atoms without dependencies.

  • Fit to Window did not work for DSMs and CADs.

  • Zoom level resets when something is selected in the usage pane.

  • Dependencies without properties weren’t displayed in the Info pane.

  • Some temp files associated with the atom database weren’t removed when Architect is closed.

  • Impact report in Lattix Web showed only one level of impact.

  • Sometimes the project menu isn’t shown as available when focus is on the navigation pane.

  • When loading multiple studio project files (vcxproj files), the option to show a merged view was disabled.

  • Lattix Web could fail to load snapshots with hidden subsystems.

  • Clang based projects would fail to create if a directory specified in the build specification is deleted.

  • Info pane did not show dependencies for imported projects.

  • MagicDraw plugin wasn’t part of the Complex Systems profile.