Release 11#

Lattix Release 11.6 (October 30, 2019)#


  • Changed “Create Subsystem” dialog to allow multiple subsystems to be created

  • New Subsystems are now added below the current subsystem

  • Removed limit of 100 on report results

  • Support for current versions of Java class files

  • New Metrics

  • Added way to remove prefix from model without doing an update

  • New Combine source and header script to create subpartition for single files

  • Better look and feel on the Mac

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed Cut Paste keyboard bindings on Mac

  • Fixed query engine blackslash support in .whereContains clause

  • Fixes for lxbuild memory usage.

  • Fixed Localization of CSV reports

  • Fix script engine so that it does not keep trying to recompile broken scripts

  • Fixed collapse member level when not using atom database

  • Fixed API script engine so model is not required to be open for some operations

  • Fixed project diff (Arch changes) when using manual atoms/dependencies

Lattix Release 11.5 (July 15, 2019)#


  • Function Pointer dependencies now shown with Understand module.

  • Added option to display subsystem names clipped on the left.

  • Improved performance of Understand Module.

  • Improved performance of “Hidden Subsystems” dialog in Lattix Architect.

  • Better support of Visual Studio Solution files for C/C++ including improved handling of renamed projects.

  • Lattix Web performance enhancements,

Bug Fixes#

  • FIxed bug in which Export/Import rules was disabled.

  • Fixed hang in Lattix Web.

  • Fixed order of snapshots in LattixWeb when sorting by data.

  • Removed autofill of password when adding new users on Lattix Web.

  • Fixed bug in the clang module where Null Update showed changes.

  • Fixed hang in clang module.

  • Fixed lattixarchitect.exe so that it works with Understand 5.1.

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web which cause DSM view to fail when there were Cell Comments.

  • Fixed performance problem with Update Report when there are a lot of differences.

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web in which “Delete Snapshot/Project” failed.

Lattix Release 11.4 (March 7, 2019)#


  • A new import option has been added to Excel/LDI/SysML modules. When this option is enabled the atoms and dependencies are treated as manual and can be edited.

  • Impact Analysis user interface default changed to enabe transitive closure.

  • Number of nested menus were reduced in Reports and Issues.

  • LXBuild was improved to handle processing multiple compilations on a single command line.

Bug Fixes#

  • Directories that were removed from Project Configurer in Clang module were still analyzed.

  • LattixWeb installation in a non-standard directory on Windows did not work because of hard coded path.

  • Selecting multiple violations in the violations tab can cause long pauses when Architect is unreponsive.

  • Projects with large number of work items couldn’t be updated.

  • Fixed issue related to case of file names on Windows in the Clang module.

  • Sometimes, the dotnet module did not calculate the path of the exe input correctly from visual studio solution file.

  • SysML projects could get an exception when expanding or collapsing members.

  • Fix appearance of context specific menus on reports.

  • Sometime the last column of a report is too wide.

  • Fixed script default dialog selection to allow scripts to appear in appropriate context menu.

  • Upload to Repository from Architect would remove the first node from the displayed tree.

Lattix Release 11.3 (December 21, 2018)#


  • LattixWeb can be configured to support https

  • Added Java runtime to Lattix install on Linux

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed bug that caused repository item to be deleted when repository was edited and “Cancel” button was pressed,

  • Fixed problem that caused info pane to freeze when metric calculation was performed for large projects

  • Fixed argument support for command line on Linux

  • Fixed class-path problem with MacOS that prevents Java/scala projects from being processed

Lattix Release 11.2 (November 5, 2018)#


  • Project Description is now displayed on Snapshot page in Lattix Web.

  • View Source Menu is available from Undefined Macros report.

  • Home page for Clang projects has a link for report containing warnings and errors.

  • A new option allows the user to limit the number of threads in clang/ltxcc processing.

  • Support added for loading Java byte code for latest version of Java.

  • SparxEA plugin allows you to load *.eapx files.

  • Performance of scrolling with scroll wheel in Options panel has been improved.

  • Added Horizontal scrollbar in Options panel where necessary.

  • Project Update dialog remembers previous settings.

Bug Fixes#

  • Exception while downloading Excel report of Architecture Changes in Lattix Web

  • Impact report dialog height was increased on MacOS.

Lattix Release 11.1 (September 12, 2018)#


  • A new global variable report is now available for C/C++ with Clang and Understand modules

  • LXBuild can generate build specification files from CMake JSON output on both Windows and Linux systems

  • SonarQube integration with 7.x; previous integration was with version 6.7.x.

Bug Fixes#

  • Concurrent access exceptions were fixed on the repository

  • Project file could be written with incomplete XML when there was a worklist

  • Fixed bug that prevented Update report from being generated in certain situations

  • Report->Export menu did not work if report is selected. You could always save the report by right clicking on the report and selecting the menu item for Save

  • Some of the defaults were incorrect for the Complex Systems profile

  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web that broke SonarQube integration with DSM View

Lattix Release 11.0 (July 11, 2018)#


  • Integration with Jenkins

    • Violations are now reported on the Jenkins console.

    • Users can choose to stop a build if new violations are detected.

  • Integration with SonarQubeTM

    • Lattix Repository can be connected to SonarQube.

    • Command lines can be used for continuous integration with SonarQube.

    • Users can display a DSM within SonarQube.

    • Violations can be displayed in source code within SonarQube

  • Integration with JiraTM

    • Any work item can be exported to Jira.

    • Workitems can maintain Jira IDs, to prevent duplication.

    • Violations can be converted to work items.

  • Lattix now ships with Java 8.

  • Lattix Repository now ships with Tomcat 8.

  • Improvements were made to lxbuild for parsing the trace files.

  • The Visual Studio plugin now supports .NET projects along with C/C++ projects.

  • A new tool has been released for JavaScript analysis.

  • Lattix Repository can coexist with other instances of Tomcat on the same server.

  • Tips were added to improve usability of adding users to Lattix Web.

  • New scripts were added for detecting elementary cycles.

  • Support was added for ‘.aar’ files for Android.

  • A separate script download has been provided instead of including scripts within the download. A few key scripts continue to be included in the download.

  • Obsolete scripts and tools were removed.

Bug Fixes#

  • Certain projects with manual dependencies could not be reloaded.

  • With .NET projects an exception could be generated when ldcdiff is run with ‘generatedetailedreport’.

  • Issues could not be loaded in the Repository.

  • Unused Elements report did not work on MacOS.