Release 5#

Lattix Release 5.6.3 (July 8, 2010)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix an incompatibility with udb_api.dll in Understand 2.5 b519.

Lattix Release 5.6.2 (May 10, 2010)#

Bug Fixes#

  • LDC can sometimes generate an exception when dealing with certain jar files with a specific pattern of generic code.

  • Certain .NET dlls were skipped due to import table and field alignment issues.

Lattix Release 5.6.1 (March 2, 2010)#


  • Localization for Japanese.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix to calculate internal dependency count for the XMI module.

  • Fix ADA module to work correctly with the latest version of Understand.

  • Fix Manual Dependency strength when it is edited to ensure that an incorrect value is not set.

  • It is not necessary to restart Lattix after changing the setting for Logging.

  • A symbolic link in input source file name is not saved it its expanded form, so that Update uses the same symbolic link.

  • Fix problem related to reading in PDB files in the .NET module.

  • Fix memory leak associated with project update when using the discard partitions option.

Lattix Release 5.6 (February 17, 2010)#


  • New Project has a partitioning option to generate partitions corresponding to directory structure.

  • New Project dialog for .NET can now load in a directory of DLL and/or EXE files.

  • New Project dialog for Java can now load in a directory of JAR files.

  • .NET module supports mixed mode support for CLI.

  • Hierarchical Cyclicality computation is now much faster.

  • Improved integration with Klocwork defect detection and support for Klocwork 9.0.

  • Initial Localization for Japanese.

Bug Fixes#

  • When adding many manual dependencies, some of the dependencies would not show up.

  • When new subsystems are added manually, the display would sometimes require a refresh before the name was displayed.

  • Certain metrics were calculated incorrectly for projects where member level was turned on.

Lattix Release 5.5.1 (November 23, 2009)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed error in PDB support for .NET for older versions of Visual Studio.

  • Fix for when a manual dependency is removed, it could affect other manual dependencies to the same element.

Lattix Release 5.5 (November 9, 2009)#


  • Users can now write their own Groovy scripts to manipulate and query a Lattix project.

  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio: Use Studio as the external editor by default for .NET and navigate directly to the line of code for a specific dependency. Studio can also be used as an external editor for C/C++ project (or any other type of project).

  • Integration with GraphViz: Generate network diagrams directly from Lattix using the graphing package GraphViz.

  • Integration with Pajek: Generate network diagrams directly from Lattix using the graphing package Pajek.

  • Improved integration with Klocwork: Display problems detected by Klocwork in the context of the architecture.

  • Other improvements include:

    • Generate report of only Jar file to Jar file dependencies.

    • Generate report of only DLL to DLL file dependencies.

    • Tag elements of a Lattix project from an external file.

    • Generate a list of dependency paths between two elements.

    • Improved display and resizing of conceptual architecture diagrams, including an indication of a layer.

Bug Fixes#

  • Uses and Usedby Report did not handle manual and hidden dependencies correctly

  • Right click in UsedBy pane on a large model could lead to a long pause.

Lattix Release 5.2 (Sept 9, 2009)#


  • External Editor Integration: A utility has been provided to allow source code to be displayed in Visual Studio.

  • Multiple tags can now be added through LDI tag property.

Bug Fixes#

  • During a specific navigation, it was possible for some buttons in the Rules GUI to be greyed out.

  • Coupling metric was calculated incorrectly.

  • Updating an LDI project generated an error if subsystems don’t have types.

  • Hidden dependencies were no longer hidden if input source was changed and the project was updated.

  • Atom and dependency counts were sometimes incorrect in the System Metrics for the XMI module.

Lattix Release 5.1 (July 30, 2009)#


  • Uses and Used-by reports now show usage strength.

  • Partitioning Icon on the Toolbar now has a drop down to select the algorithm to apply.

  • Help Menus now take you to the Lattix Knowledge Base instead of Help that was within the product.

  • A Help Menu has been added to bring up the Self Paced Demo on the Lattix web site.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed Stability Metric calculation that sometimes returned a negative number.

  • Fixed several memory leaks.

Lattix Release 5.0.6 (July 8, 2009)#


  • Several metrics that were related to cyclicality have been renamed so that their meaning is clearer.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixes to improve command line operation with Klocwork.

  • Fixed extraction of data from Oracle which contains schema name that has a quote in its name.

  • Fixed bug in which Project Update would sometimes incorrectly flag all elements as “new”.

Lattix Release 5.0.5 (June 26, 2009)#


  • A new menu “Tag Cycles” has been created to tag all elements that are in cycles.

  • The ldcupdate command can now take in additional arguments to support specifying or overriding the options for Klocwork, Oracle and SQL modules.

  • Tabular report displays have been improved.

Bug Fixes#

  • Computation of certain metrics did not complete. This has been fixed.

  • Reports now work correctly with projects that have member level turned on.

  • Only the top level folder could be selected from within a war file that was inside an ear file. This was fixed to allow any folder to be selected.

Lattix Release 5.0 (June 1, 2009)#


  • Support for Compound Projects: You can now create a compound project that consists of multiple individual projects. This enables the aggregation of projects while allowing each project to be maintained individually.

  • Several new System organization algorithms have been added:

    • Dissolve Partition

    • Reorganize System

    • Reorganize Labeled System

  • Lattix now supports 10 different partitioning algorithms including the following new ones:

    • Spectral - Ratio Cut

    • Spectral - Normalized Cut

    • As Early As Possible

    • As Late As Possible

  • The default DSM Partitioning algorithm has been replaced by one that is much faster

  • Metrics support has been revamped:

    • Metrics have been categorized as System, Architecture and Object-Oriented.

    • Architecture Metrics now include: Density, Connectedness, Fraction Coupled, Fraction Hierarchically Coupled, Coupling, Intercomponent Coupling, Internal Dependencies, Complexity, Connectedness Strength, Connectedness Enrichment, Coupling Enrichment, Pagerank, System Stability, Average Impact, Atom Count, Violation Count

    • Metrics have a tabular option of display

  • Reporting has been revamped:

    • The Used-By, Uses and External Report now generates detailed information in a tabular format

    • Cycles Report and Metric Reports menu items have been moved up. These reports also have a tabular format.

    • The remaining Project reports are now under the Other Reports Menu item.

  • Support for Excel Import has been improved along with support for spread sheets in MIT DSM format.

  • Performance improvements that allow large ldz files to be loaded in 60%-80% faster with a reduced memory footprint.

  • New Module for IBM Rhapsody has been added to provide direct import of Rhapsody models.

  • XMI module enhancements allow improved reading of XMI exported from Enterprise Architect and Magic Draw.

  • Additional options have been added to the Understand for C/C++ Module

  • LDI allows image icons to be associated with element kind.

  • LDI allows description to be associated with an element.

  • Default settings for member level simplified.

  • Java module can read in war and ear files.

  • BSC module for C/C++ no longer filters out static accesses within files.

  • Tag matches are not shown in column headers to reduce display clutter.

  • Default identity style is now set to percentage (%)

  • Dependency defaults are now user specific.

  • Info panel display improved.

  • Save project remembers directory where last saved

Bug Fixes#

  • For large dependency strengths (greater than 16000), CSV export caused a null pointer exception. This has been fixed. However, for performance reasons it is recommended that the dependency strength be kept lower than 1,000,000.

  • LDCUpdate on a project without the input argument generated an exception if the input files used with the original project were missing. It will now put out an error message.

  • The Java module was fixed to correctly handle clone function on a generic ArrayList.