Multi-Module Projects#

Lattix Architect allows you to create projects from multiple modules. Any group of modules may be combined together. For instance, it is possible to create a project from Java, Hibernate and Oracle modules. You can also add modules to existing projects. Lattix Architect and LDC (command line) programs will work with multi-module projects. Multi-module projects have certain specific properties:

  • Module Merge: If the modules are merged together, then atoms with the same name and their dependencies are aggregated together.

  • Module Merge Order: This specifies the merge order. Elements from modules lower in the order are merged with elements in the module higher in the order.

  • Create subsystems for modules: If this option is turned on, then a subsystem with the name of the module is created at the top level.

Create a New Multi Module Project#

To create a new multi-module project, simply bring up the New Project dialog from File –> New Project. Now specify the input for multiple projects. The resulting project will contain all of those modules. Project Options tab in the Create New Project dialog allows you to set the properties related to multi-module projects.

Add Module into a Current Project#

You can add or remove modules from projects by Project–>Project Properties.


To add a new module, click on the Add/Remove Modules button at the lower left and select the module that you want to add. You must then specify the input sources of data as well as any module specific properties. Project Update to update the entire project with the new module.