Installing on Mac#

Installing the Applications#

For information about supported OS versions and recommended system memory, please see Supported Platforms and Configurations.

Download the disk image and mount it by double clicking on the download file:


You can install Lattix Architect on your computer by dragging the Lattix Architect icon and dropping it on the Applications alias icon. You can also run Lattix Architect directly from the disk image.

To launch Lattix, you may need to Ctrl-click on the Lattix icon, and select “Open” from the context menu

Increasing Java heap memory#

You may need to increase the default Java heap memory when loading large projects. The Info.plist file in the Lattix application package controls how the heap allocated when JVM is started.

  1. In finder, select “Applications” on left.

  2. Search for Lattix in top right and find the “Lattix” application.

  3. Option-click (or right mouse click) on Lattix Architect application and select “Show Package Contents”.

  4. Expand “Contents” to view “Info.plist” file. Open file (using xcode or other editor).

  5. Add “string” argument to “JVMOptions”: -Xmx16g
  1. Expand “Contents/MacOS” in finder and double click on “JavaAppLauncher”

This example will set Lattix Architect max heap to 16g of heap memory. Please adjust memory according to your usage. Do not specify heap size larger than available on your system.

Installing the Repository and Web Application#


Currently, the installation of Lattix Web is not supported on a Mac.If you run Tomcat on a Mac, you can install the Lattix war to get Lattix Web working on Mac. However, this is an unsupported configuration at this time.