Troubleshooting Lattix Web

Troubleshooting Lattix Web#


If Lattix Web is crashing, the most common reason is that it does not have enough memory to complete the required processing of the snapshots. The solution is to provide Lattix Web with more memory.
How to specify memory for Lattix Web on windows: See :ref:`LattixWeb12w.exe <Installing on Windows>`__
How to specify memory for Lattix Web on Linux: See environment variable LATTIX_MEMORY_SIZE
For other issues, we here at Lattix will require the log files in order to troubleshoot problems with Lattix Web.
The log files are found on the file system in the location that Lattix Web was installed.


On Windows, the default location for Lattix Web 12.3 log files :
c:/Program Files/Lattix Web12.3/logs (you may need to log in as Administrator to get access to the log files)


On Linux, the default recommended location for Lattix Web log files:

Log files are periodically rotated, usually on a daily basis. Every day the current log file is renamed to include the date, and a new log file is created. We will usually request the most recent log files, especially the log files with dates for when the problem occurred.