Architecture based Re-engineering

Architecture based Re-engineering#

Lattix provides powerful support for re-engineering initiatives that result from major product enhancements. Whether you are looking to support SOA, are unifying disparate products, or striving for componentization, Lattix provides powerful capabilities:

Architectural Editor: You have complete flexibility to change the architecture without actually changing the code; thereby, obtaining a detailed understanding of the work necessary to refactor the architecture. You can create or delete any of the abstractions, establish or remove dependencies and specify rules. All changes made to the architecture are automatically remembered in a Worklist. Undo and redo capabilities make it easy to try alternative what-if architectures and to understand the impact of those refactorings.

Round Trip through the Model: User can maintain the architecture in Lattix as the system is refactored over time. A powerful project update facility provides the facility to continuously update the model as code changes are made over time.

Algorithm Support: In addition, Lattix provides a number of algorithms to help in the refactoring process. There are algorithms to figure out how to move elements from one part of the hierarchy to another, to break cycles, and to move subsystems so that the coupling and cohesion of subsystems can be improved.