Supported Platforms and Configurations

Supported Platforms and Configurations#

The Lattix Application Suite can be used on many operating systems running on the x86 chipset (Intel or a compatible). Here is a list of supported platforms. Please note that due to the multiplicity of versions and updates, it is possible that you may have a version that is different from the one that we tested on. If you run into any problems please let us know, even if it is on a platform that is not listed. Also note that we generally only support platforms versions that are under standard support from their makers.

We recommend 16 GB of memory. Large system analysis normally requires greater memory. The disk space required for installing is about 250MB. Massive projects, often created by combining several smaller projects into a single Compound Project, can be larger than 100 MB as stored.

For Lattix Web server we recommend 32 GB of memory on a 64-bit platform. The minimum required memory is 16 GB. Please note that Lattix Web installations with multiple projects, numerous snapshots, and multiple users may require even larger memory. We suggest 1 TB of disk space if you are using Lattix Web in a continuous integration environment, where the number of snapshots can become large fairly quickly. We also recommend that you use current browsers.

Windows (64-bit)#

  • Windows 10 21H2 and above

Linux (64-bit)#

  • Ubuntu 20.04+

  • Debian 11.0+

  • RedHat RHEL Versions 8.6, 8.8

  • RedHat RHEL Version 9.2+

  • Fedora Version 37+

  • Centos Version 7

Mac OS X (64-bit)#

  • Big Sur macOS 11+