LXBuild Internal Options#

This page outlines the debugging options available for lxbuild.

Here is the actual strace command that lxbuild runs:

strace -f -v -e trace=execve,chdir,fchdir,chroot,rename,fork,vfork,clone -e abbrev=none -s 4096 -o mylattix.trace <build-command>



lxbuild -i lattix.trace -x
-x option will create 2 files:
out.csv - This is a CSV file that contains the forked process commands and arguments
simple.csv - This is a CSV file similar to the above, except it only contains the forked commands that lxbuild understands (compile and link commands)
lxbuild -i lattix.trace -prune

-prune will create a pruneed version of lattix.trace called prune.txt

Command Line Arguments#

The following additional undocumented arguments are available for lxbuild:




Create csv file with commands and arguments from trace file. File is named out.csv


Create pruned log file named prune.txt. This will show only the commands that are recognized

Description of debugging options#

The -x option will create a file called out.csv, in which each line contains comma separated values of the executable name, and arguments
The -prune option will create a file called prune.txt that contains only the lines in lattix.trace that are recognized by the lxbuild program.