JavaScript Analyzer

JavaScript Analyzer#

The JavaScript Analyzer takes the output of lxjs, which can be found here, to generate an LDI file. The LDI file can then be loaded into Lattix Architect. Follow these steps to generate LDI.

Install lxjs#

Install lxjs using npm:

npm -g install lxjs

Run lxjs and save the output#

Run lxjs with the JavaScript directory name as argument:

lxjs directory-name > output.ldi.xml

Load the generated LDI file into Lattix Architect using the LDI module.


  1. Source Code Navigation from DSM or CAD: Right click on any subsystem to select the “View Source File” menu item. You can configure the source code editor of your choice.

  2. External Dependencies: Use ‘–include-npm’ option to see external dependencies.