Release 6#

Lattix Release 6.7.2 (September 9, 2011)#


  • Update for Japanese localization.

Bug Fixes#

  • A regression in impact report was fixed.

Lattix Release 6.7.1 (August 15, 2011)#

Bug Fixes#

  • The dependency from managed dll to unmanaged dll was not being set up correctly.

  • The Worklist display box was too short on some browsers.

  • LDCPublish now supports user authentication for publishing to the repository.

  • Bad error message if session times out in the web application.

Lattix Release 6.7 (August 9, 2011)#


The Lattix Web Application now supports user authentication.

LDM can export and import design rules.

.NET module has been enhanced to support extraction of dependencies between managed and unmanaged code.

You can now generate a new tag by inverting any part of an existing tag.

Impact Analysis has been changed to allow dependencies to a subsystem to be treated as dependencies to all elements within the subsystem.

A new Excel Module has been added to allow Excel files to be read in by Lattix directly. The Excel converter is no longer needed.

New dependency kinds were added to both Klocwork and Understand modules to distinguish between reads and writes to data.

Additional set of properties were added to provide finer grained control of the metrics that are computed.

Several new scripts have been added:

  • Generate network diagrams that incorporate hierarchy using graphviz.

  • Generate dependencies to the implementers of an interface. The purpose of this script is to enhance the information obtained from impact analysis.

  • There are several additional scripts, including ones that can be used to save project, or to collapse partitions, etc.

You can browse to the license file from the License Dialog.

Bug Fixes#

  • Some of the metrics were not being recomputed when dependencies were hidden or unhidden.

  • Partitioning was incorrect if a schema name and the database name were the same for an Oracle database.

  • Bug fix for manual dependencies.

  • Update and Undo associated with scripting did not work correctly.

  • The display of the Summary Screen generated by the Web Application in Firefox 5.0 was improved.

Lattix Release 6.6 (June 30, 2011)#


  • Worklist module has been redone. Each item of a WorkList is now organized hierarchically so you can see all the items that are affected by an action. You can also save comments with any Worklist item. Furthermore, any action that changes the model is now recorded in the Worklist.

  • The Delta Reports in the LattixWeb are tree structured now (instead of list based) making them easy to navigate. The default expansion is also designed to make it easy to see the highest level item that is new or missing.

  • A new JSP Analyzer tool has been added to Additional Tools.

  • Performance of scripts has been improved significantly. Added new scripts to “Flatten Hierarchy” and to “Delete Partitions with Atoms”.

  • View Source File is now smarter in figuring out the path, when the user specifies a different path for an element.

Bug Fixes#

  • API for deleting atoms within partitions has been fixed.

  • The Oracle Module has been fixed to continue extracting data even if it gets a null or indecipherable data from a query.

  • The .NET module has been fixed to correctly show the dependencies between C++ and C# when using managed code.

  • The SQL Server Module has been fixed to resolve the erroneous partitioning that was being generated.

  • Expand Member menu item would sometimes not show when you bring up the Menu Item list by right clicking on a cell in the DSM.

Lattix Release 6.5.7 (June 2, 2011)#


  • Newly created resource strings were localized to Japanese.

Bug Fixes#

  • Sometimes a valid hostid could not be discovered by Lattix Web.

  • In some cases, .NET module dependency kind was reported as “virtual method call”, whereas it should have been a “method call”.

  • ldcreport.exe would not run on 64-bit windows. Note that ldcreport.bat ran correctly.

  • ldcreport could hang when reporting the architecture metrics.

  • ActionScript module generated an exception for certain cases where there was no ActionScript in the swf module.

  • LDC Command Line error message indicated incorrect usage syntax for Klocwork and database modules.

  • The report produced by updating a project with Understand for C/C++ module with member level enabled could show an show incorrect list of members that were changed.

Lattix Release 6.5.5 (April 29, 2011)#


  • A new Member Level Cycle report has been added.

  • Average Impact and System Stability metric works at the level of regular atoms (class/file etc). Dependencies for member atoms (method, inner class etc) are aggregated into their containers.

  • Metrics pane shows the metrics for the entire project. It does not change based on the DSM selection. This change was made to reduce the confusion associated with metrics.

  • Support to allow license management of the Repository and LattixWeb Application.

  • Miscellaneous user interface improvements to LDM and the LattixWeb Application.

Bug Fixes#

  • Updating C/C++ projects with member level enabled can produce incorrect update report for changed atoms. The problem related to Lattix incorrectly detecting a change in an atom property.

  • Conceptual Architecture Diagrams could consume excessive memory. This has been fixed.

  • SQL Module fixed to correctly handle CLR_SCALAR_FUNCTION.

  • External usage display can be slow to update.

  • Older projects that contained an invalid dependency kind could not be loaded.

  • Older projects that contained an invalid rule target could not be loaded.

Lattix Release 6.5 (April 4, 2011)#


  • Lattix has been localized to Japanese.

  • Enhancements to user’s ability to customize the LattixWeb Application.

  • Cycle Reports now shows each Cycle Group with a unique number that starts at 1 and increments up. This makes the reports more readable.

  • The packaging of Additional Tools has been improved - now only one download is required for the various applications and scripts.

Bug Fixes#

  • A bug has been fixed wherein the SQL Server Module was missing loading in a number of stored procedures.

  • C/C++ modules now take in Perl compatible regular expressions.

  • Architecture Metrics in the Repository could show duplicate items.

  • Average Impact Metric could be incorrect slightly. The error was greater for tiny systems (e.g. if the total number of elements is about 10).

  • Plugin preferences for modules were not being propagated.

Lattix Release 6.4 (March 15, 2011)#


  • An administrative console has been added to the LattixWeb application to support a variety of operations that include configuring profiles, setting rules to delete snapshots and a variety of maintenance tasks.

  • A new Inferred Dependency script is now available to further support DMMs.

  • There have been a number of improvements in localization including the ability to localize scripts.

Bug Fixes#

  • If Understand is installed in the default location for 32-bit systems, Path does not have to be configured anymore. This capability already works correctly on 64-bit systems but did not work for 32-bit systems.

  • There have been a number of bug fixes in the Directory Analyzer related to picking up many of the jar files inside war files.

  • Architecture Metrics in the Repository could show duplicate items.

Lattix Release 6.3.5 (February 1, 2011)#


  • The New Project Dialog has a new Directory Analyzer to allow users to interactively load in a directory that contains multiple jar files and class files.

  • You can now navigate to Next or Previous in LDM, where the Next and Previous are identified by selection.

  • Atom properties can be added and changed directly from the Lattix User Interface.

  • Improved algorithm for matching data source files during project update.

  • The User now has the ability to adjust the order of the diagram tabs.

  • Oracle Parser has been further improved to minimize the memory footprint.

  • The About Box now shows the heap memory that is currently is use as well as the maximum that is available.

  • In reports with multiple columns of subsystems, you can now choose which column results to tag.

Bug Fixes#

  • When a module was removed from a multi-module project, the old module could still be displayed with no data.

  • A specific kind of Java generic dependency was not being captured.

  • Conceptual Architecture Diagram always showed with a box selected. By clicking outside the Conceptual Architecture Diagram you can now deselect the selected box.

  • The Change Dialog on the New Project Dialog for Oracle did not come up. This was a regression in Lattix 6.2.7 and has been fixed.

Lattix Release 6.3 (January 7, 2011)#


  • A Close button was added to the LattixWeb popup.

  • The Oracle Module now has a user option to save intermediate data in temporary files. This allows massive code bases to be parsed, even on 32-bit systems.

  • Debug capabilities have been extended by providing the ability to trace responses from the web application for repository related actions.

  • SQL Module now supports the Lines of Code metric.

  • The Scripts menu shows up when Lattix is installed. Previously, the Scripts menu showed up only when scripts were added to the Scripts directory.

Bug Fixes#

  • Nested Comments are now handled correctly in the SQL parser.

  • In the Dialog to Change input, war/ear files entries can now be edited. Previously, you had to remove those entries and add them as new entries.

  • Minor fix to the handling of templates in the C++(Understand) Module.

Lattix Release 6.2.7 (December 10, 2010)#


  • Integration with Snakefood for Python Analysis.

  • Internal improvements to the Web Application for improving configurability.

Bug Fixes#

  • Variety of parser improvements to the SQL Server Module.

  • Variety of parser improvements to the Oracle Module.

  • Reduce initial memory footprint during the parse stage for large C/C++ code base.

Lattix Release 6.2.5 (November 30, 2010)#


  • The PL/SQL parser has additional improvements related to handling SQLPlus files.

Bug Fixes#

  • The Usage Pane strength aggregation could be wrong (regression).

  • List of recently opened projects is not updated when loading from the Repository.

  • Memory leak in LattixWeb Application has been fixed.

Lattix Release 6.2 (November 5, 2010)#


  • Lattix now supports Fortran.

  • It is now possible to delete project tracks in LDM. Previously, you had to first delete all the snapshots in a project track before you could delete it.

  • You can do View Source on External Dependencies also.

  • The Oracle PL/SQL parser has additional improvements.

  • The Architecture Metrics tab is no longer expandable. This removes the confusion that often occurs regarding the meaning of expandability.

Bug Fixes#

  • The Stability and Average Impact Metrics calculation was fixed.

  • The heap size for the LattixWeb Application of the Repository was set incorrectly for 64 systems. This could prevent projects from being loaded.

  • Projects with LDI and Manual elements and dependencies could lead to multiple atoms being saved. As a result, the number of dependencies would increase when a project was saved and then reloaded.

  • The Project Track Name can now contain the “_” character.

  • Large PNG images could not be exported due to memory usage. (This problem still exists for jpg export).

  • The color on exported image did not match the color in the display exactly.

  • Compound Project did not display dependencies (regression).

Lattix Release 6.1 (October 11, 2010)#


  • The Oracle Module has been improved with additional capabilities:

    • Member level support allows for dependency analysis of stored procedures within packages and for columns within tables.

    • The module also provides for analysis of PL/SQL code in files.

  • A new import capability allows Lattix projects to be imported using LDI. The atom that are created can then be treated just like manual atoms and their dependencies and properties can be edited within Lattix.

  • Dependency Orientation and Ordering are now Project Preference also. Previously they were only View Preference. This means that projects that are created with those settings will automatically have those settings set when they are loaded in.

  • LDI now supports the ability to specify Atoms and Dependencies that are hidden.

  • LDI has a new option that allows users to control if the “*” partition is to be generated.

  • The script to export a project to Excel and LDI has been improved:

    • Hidden atoms and dependencies are exported.

    • The Excel export now exports the definitions and dependencies to different worksheets.

    • The DSM order is preserved when exporting to Excel.

  • Excel Converter has been improved:

    • Data can be read in from multiple worksheets, so that users can specify definitions in one worksheet and dependencies in another worksheet. The old format is still supported.

    • You can specify hidden subsystems and dependencies in the Excel spreadsheet.

  • Manual Atoms can be specified with an atom kind.

  • DSMs can be ordered in Reverse Alphabetical Order also.

  • JNI dependencies between Java and C/C++ (using Understand) can now be discovered and mapped.

Bug Fixes#

  • Refresh issues with DSM after editing.

  • Delta reports shows violations on hidden subsystems.

  • Inconsistency in violations with member level turned on.

  • External rules for LDI/Manual DSM

  • Worklist display was always empty in the Repository and LattixWeb.

Lattix Release 6.0.6 (August 24, 2010)#


  • The Repository now supports multiple snapshots with the same version.

  • The script for graphing with “graphviz” has been improved.

  • The script for exporting a project to Excel now supports export to “xlsx”.

Bug Fixes#

  • LDI and Manual DSMs generated invalid delta reports in LattixWeb.

  • LDI with a delimiter that is different from ‘.’ generated incorrect atoms.

  • The script for exporting a project to Excel exports numeric data as floating point number instead of decimal.

  • Lattix scripts generated an extra menu if a variable is declared at the top level.

  • The script for exporting a project to Excel/LDI generated incorrect source and target names for manual atoms. Furthermore, generated source and target names did not include hierarchy.

Lattix Release 6.0.5 (August 5, 2010)#


  • You can expand members for selected subsystems by selecting one or more cells.

  • The default project name is now more intuitive.

  • Default rules have been added for external dependencies for the ActionScript module.

  • The info pane now displays the atom name.

  • If atom kind is not specified for an atom, the atom kind is set to default.

Bug Fixes#

  • Some help links were missing.

  • Architecture display on IE8 could be chopped in certain situations.

  • External Use Report could contain duplicates.

  • XML Export of a C/C++ project generates atom names that don’t exactly match the internal name.

  • Fixes were made to the ActionScript module related to internal classes.

  • Editing dependency properties dialog did not work because sometimes it did not have keyboard focus.

  • In the Conceptual Architecture Diagram, a box could be obscured when it is being dragged.

  • On Windows XP, Lattix 6.0 does not show in Add/Remove Program List.

Lattix Release 6.0.1 (July 22, 2010)#


  • The performance of CSV export has been improved.

Bug Fixes#

  • Preferences for Dependency Mark Orientation could not be set correctly.

  • Certain LDI projects with element properties could not be loaded.

  • Recursive Partitioning on Conceptual Architecture Diagram generated an exception.

Lattix Release 6.0 (July 10, 2010)#


  • Lattix Repository and LattixWeb Application:

    • Publish projects to repository using LDM or LDC

    • Follow multiple project tracks

    • Generate Reports

    • Produce Trends and Graphs

    • New command line utilities: ldcget, ldcpublish

  • 64-bit Support:

    • Support for 64-bit and 32-bit install

    • No additional configuration required for 64-bit Lattix

    • Support for 64-bit Understand for C++

  • Support for ActionScript:

    • Analyze ‘swf’ and ‘swc’ files.

    • Analyze link report generated by the Flex compiler.

  • New Reports - Largest Atoms, Largest Compound Packages, Largest Packages, and Overview External Use Report.

  • You can specify the kind of dependency for manually created dependencies. You can also attach properties to manually created dependencies.

  • LDI now supports member level elements and properties associated with dependencies.

  • Excel to LDI Converter now supports columnar format. It also supports properties for subsystems and properties for dependencies.

  • Klocwork module has been improved with additional options to control the display of forward declarations and their dependencies.

  • Licensing now supports license roaming. This means that a user can select to hold onto a floating license for extended periods even when they aren’t connected to the internet. Lattix licensing has been upgraded to use RLM 8.0.

  • Menu Items have been rationalized and re-ordered so that related items are together.

  • Additional API changes to extract dependency strength and to support dependency properties.

  • A new script to export DSM to LDI has been created.

Bug Fixes#

  • Target side of Report Dialog used to be a lot shorter than the source side.

  • Performance improvements when partitioning large flat structures.

  • Performance improvements generating project with large flat structures.

  • Module Type pull down was much wider than necessary.

  • Properties in Info Pane are now in sorted order.

  • Exception when an element has a null name in an LDI file.

  • Fix the name of atoms generated to support manual dependencies in uses and usedby reports.

  • An exception can be generated in search when input has certain malformed search text.

  • Fixes made to Excel to LDI Converter.