Lattix Web and the Repository

Lattix Web and the Repository#

A Lattix Repository allows you to share project information with the entire team. Repositories make the project data easily accessible because a repository can be accessed and perused from a browser. Repositories also allow you to track and measure trends as your system evolves. A repository is normally updated using Architect and LDC.

A Repository can contain data for multiple projects. Each project contains many snapshots. A snapshot is an actual Architect Project that has a version and time stamp.

The typical workflow for using a repository is as follows:

  1. Create a project in Architect.

  2. Create a project in the Repository and upload the snapshot from Architect to that Repository Project.

  3. Instrument your build system to update the snapshot using LDC.

Using your browser you will now be able to:

  1. Examine the dependencies within your project.

  2. See how one build differs from another and understand the impact of change.

  3. Find out if new violations have been introduced in the new build.

  4. Visualize trends by graphing a variety of key architectural metrics